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Body By Snow Jay LLC

Raised in an environment rich with natural remedies and immersed in the intricacies of healing, the creator's journey involved connecting with the earth and embracing survival skills. Through a diverse range of experiences, from rescuing animals with Talking Talons to navigating life challenges with Pathfinders, the owner has seamlessly integrated Eastern, Western, and Alternative medicine. This extensive background uniquely positions them to assist you in choosing optimal products and treatments that align with your individual needs, fostering a path to a more enriched and fulfilling life.

Our founder is Yoni Steam Certified and initially pursued studies in Neuropsychology. After completing coursework at their local community college CNM, they aimed for a Ph.D. Unfortunately, none of the nearby universities offered the comprehensive program they sought. This marked a turning point in their life. Over the years, amid various jobs, family responsibilities, and the search for stability, they serendipitously created this company.

Now, as a dedicated Sensual Practitioner, they continuously invest in learning, growth, and acquiring new skills to offer optimal support to their clients.

Having grown up engrossed in natural remedies and shaped by a life rich in life-changing experiences, the founder of BBSJ embarked on a journey. Initially crafting products like Yoni Oil, Yoni Soap, Body Scrubs, Whipped Body Butters, Body Sprays, and Rollers for female reproductive health and basic skin wellness. Expanding their horizon to include Lingam products for males, the company's foundation laid the groundwork for a transformative decision.

Opting for a risky move that altered the trajectory of BBSJ, the founder chose expansion into a distinct realm. This strategic shift aimed to maximize the knowledge and experience gleaned from the founder's life. The focus shifted to providing natural-based treatments, services, and classes exclusively utilizing BBSJ's products to achieve our ultimate objectives. Embracing a philosophy of non-invasiveness, eschewing reliance on estheticians/dermatologists, and avoiding harsh chemicals or tools, BBSJ places its trust in the nurturing capabilities of Mother Earth to care for us.

Thank you for embarking on your self-care journey with us; our goal is to enhance the quality of life for everyone. 

BBSJ Owner/Founder/CEO
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