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Natural Bikini Area Treatment-NBAT

Get the Bikini Area you desire.

  • 45 min
  • 45 US dollars
  • Body By Snow Jay LLC Headquarters

Service Description

An ingrown hair is one that's grown back into your skin instead of rising up from it. Ingrown hairs are also known as razor bumps, shave bumps, ingrown hair bumps, or barber bumps. Sometimes, dead skin can clog a hair follicle, which forces the hair to grow sideways under your skin rather than up and out, another way ingrown bumps can occur. First off, picking at ingrown hair can cause further irritation and inflammation in the area. It can also introduce bacteria to the area, leading to infection. Scarring can result from all the poking and prodding. This treatment consists of natural cleansing, exfoliating, 30min heat steam with a Body formulated mask, gentle non-invasive ingrown hair exposure (removal only if warranted/emergent), warm towel application, soundbar playing relaxing and meditating music, diffuser set with choice of your favorite EsScent or 1 Essential oil of choice, dim lights and candles for ambience, after care rinse off, iced crystal roller for 5min to help close pores and lock in benefits, oils for needed moisturization, hydration, healing, and for any inflammation, irritation, burning, or any other sensations you may feel from treatment (these should be minimal if at occurrence happens at all), and chilled purified water to drink for ample hydration. Benefits: Reduces/Diminishes ingrown hair Removes Toxins and disinfects Creates Supple, Luscious Skin and Hair Deplete Itchiness Balance pH Reduce Odor Lightens and Brightens Skin Boosts Circulation and Blood Flow Reduces scars, acne, stretch marks and large pores Relieves Urinary Tract/Urethra Issues Relaxes pelvic tension Soothes Dermatitis Concerns/Skin Irritants *This is an all-natural based treatment, only products formulated by Body will be used, besides the use of any machinery/items needed to perform duties like the steam, utensils, towels etc. This treatment is not the same as Aesthetician/Esthetician/Dermatologist based due to the difference between natural vs chemically based products, hair removal vs non-removal processes, and with dermal type of treatments that we do not provide. *As with any product, service, treatment, or class we offer, we advise you to please reach your healthcare practitioner prior and post any treatment, if deemed necessary or emergent. We want all of our clients to have health clearances required for full participation and to become as healthy as possible. Any questions? Please ask!

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation only valid 24 hours prior, if cancelling any sooner and a deposit is required, deposit will be non-refundable.

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