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Salt Scrubs & Soaks

Ingredients & Benefits

Salt is an excellent resource for pain, inflammation, destroying of bacteria at the micro level including fungus, a relaxing agent, moisturizer, sensitive skin issues, and many more beneficial properties.

When I say Salt and Essential Oils are amazing, I mean they're amazing!

After consistent use it will be difficult to call your rough spots "rough".

Our Salt Body Scrub is great for exfoliation and cleaning of the pores and instead of blockage,

important benefits and nutrients will be absorbed, dirt and filth washed away from deep within the skin layers,

and you'll rinse feeling clean and refreshed.

Dead Sea Salt

Improves skin barrier function, enhances skin hydration, and reduces inflammation in atopic skin. The magnesium in sea salt may also help reduce water retention (i.e., bloating) in the body. It is an excellent natural exfoliator that removes dead skin cells while also boosting circulation, leaving you with softer and smoother skin. Rich in Zinc and Bromide, both being anti-inflammatory agents, which in turn helps with reducing inflammation and itching to soothe skin and improves blood circulation, resulting in healthier skin cells and a lower number of skin scales.
*There is low risk when using Dead Sea salt for treating psoriasis. It is also useful for washing hair, cleansing the face, and soaking fingers or toenails to alleviate fungus.


Epsom Salt

Can soften rough, dry skin, and exfoliate dead skin cells. It may also soothe skin affected by skin conditions, including Eczema and Psoriasis/Plaque Psoriasis, loosens blackheads, great for acne-prone areas, and helps with fine lines around the eyes and mouth or anywhere with fine lines. Epsom Salt Body Scrubs as well as bath scrubs, help relieve pain and discomfort, relaxes the muscles, provides stress relief, and helps to flush out toxins and heavy metals.

Jojoba Oil

Keeps oily skin at bay, moisturizes, softens rough cuticles, nourishes and heals dry lips, relieves sunburns, contains antibacterial properties, boosts skin glow, fades fine lines and wrinkles, can soothe Eczema and Plaque Psoriasis/Psoriasis, Non-Comedogenic, and can remove makeup. Hair benefits include moisturizes, prevents split ends, and may promote hair growth

Fractionated Sweet Almond Oil

 Cleanses and removes makeup, reduces puffiness and under eye circles, improves complexion and skin tone, treats dry skin, improves acne, helps reverse sun damage, reduces appearance of scars and stretch marks.

Vitamin E Oil

Moisturizes skin and assists in wound healing, helps in skin cancer prevention, reduces skin irritations like itching, Eczema, Psoriasis/Plaque Psoriasis, prevents and minimizes the appearance of scars, and prevents and treats fine lines and wrinkles.

Includes EsScent of Choice


​Lime Essential Oil

Tightening and toning astringent that reduces the amount of oil production and helps alleviate dark spots. Clears nasal passages and helps reduce headaches. Can uplift mood and purify air. In hair care, reduces dandruff and leaves hair shiny.
Pineapple- Promotes healing, evens out texture
of skin by stimulating production of Collagen, can provide nutrients to the skin and nails.

Tangerine Essential Oil

Particular in helping skin conditions that include irritation and acne.

Antifungal and antiseptic properties help prevent skin infections, visibly reduces appearance of stretch marks and scars, helps digestive issues when applied with Carrier Oil to abdomen and helps support immune system (when consumed by itself or adding drops to your water/tea. Go to your local Sprouts or Holistic store near you to purchase consumable Tangerine Essential Oil. Be careful and ask for assistance from a professional if you are uncertain of product safety).

In mental health, its brightness helps reduce nervous tension.

In hair care, treats dandruff and dry scalp.

Sweet Orange Essential Oil

Reduces dark spots and blemishes via vitamin C, fights off free radicals to prevent premature skin aging, antibacterial properties help fight acne, boosts circulation in the skin, promotes cell growth and Collagen synthesis, shrinks large pores, and firm s' skin (astringent)

"EsScent Free"


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