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Our Lab and BTS! 

Have fun with us! 

Check out our latest chemistry lab creations, Behind the Scenes, we want to show you everything from product creation to everything else that goes with BBSJ like product photoshoots, website editing, and lots more!


Product Manufacturing Process

Soo much is involved with the creation process,

coming up with the best ingredients, finding the perfect measurements, testing product quality, and much more!

We give all of our ingredients, we do not give our recipe however, due to the ability to customize.



Do you like reels? ASMR? The skincare production process? Fun? Music?
Look no further, we got you covered!



Website editing time!

We want to show you how we improve our website; we want to get input from all of you, interaction is key for us to know how you would like to see our site improve. 

We want our site to be easy to navigate through,

its purpose is to provide you with ALL the info possible!



We LOVE to laugh 🤣

Come LAUGH with us!!

Not all bloopers are funny, some are editing bloopers and will show the challenges we face!🤔