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Updates for BBSJ

Updates on online/product photos will be listed here.  First online photos: 7/1/2022 Rebranded update: 1/8/2023 Product Shoot (Diamonds): 4/13/2023

All Products in original Body Gold Collection

Event Scheduling

1. Event scheduling for Pop-Up events, in-person selling, or product sample days. 2. Event scheduling is usually for Pop-ups and in-person selling events. 3. Product sample days are when Body walks through the local areas giving out samples and business cards to inform as many as we can of our AMAZING PRODUCTS! 4. Body will update website ASAP in the event of a cancelled event, We try our best to update within 24 hours of event.

Abq ArtWalk at Boese Bros Brew Pub 2023


1. Anytime here at BBSJ when we decide to change our ingredients, we take it very seriously, do our research, testing, add the updates here, and release our products with our new ingredients. 2. Vitamin E Oil- original date 7/1/22 changed from Vitamin E, Sunflower Seed, Sweet Almond, Apricot Kernel, Avocado, and Rice Bran oils to 100% Vitamin E Oil on 1/1/23. 3. Cornstarch to Arrowroot- Cornstarch has been used since the company drop on 7/1/2022. Cornstarch has now been replaced with Arrowroot as of March 18, 2023 4. Beeswax- 10/1/23 We have started to use Beeswax in our Whipped Body Butters as an addition to keep the temperature for the product more stabilized and to keep your product better at lasting longer without adverse effects of up and down extreme weather conditions.

Essential oils


1. LimeAppleTangie- Lime, Pineapple, and Tangerine Essential Oils, First BBSJ EsScent created! This EsScent is magnificent and will make ANYTHING smell like a sweet pineapple candy, it has so many benefits for your body, mind, and soul, as the others however, all are different benefits that will help in different ways. 2. Pine-Illa- Pineapple and Vanilla Essential Oils. Second BBSJ EsScent however, did not release until 2023. This was created by a child of the owner of the company and was tucked away in the vault for a while until we knew the direction we were going to take. We are so proud of our child and are soo excited it is finally available. This is showing to be another FAVORITE! YAY! 3. Citrus- Lime, Tangerine, Sweet Orange Essential Oils. Third BBSJ EsScent created and one of the most popular with LimeAppleTangie. This EsScent is amazing! It is addicting and fills the room with the richest Citrusy scent you can smell without it being overwhelming, quite on the contrary, it will make you feel uplifted, calm, motivated, and helps with difficult emotions. 4. LimeTangeOrChouli- Lime, Tangerine, Sweet Orange, and Patchouli Essential Oils. Fourth BBSJ EsScent created for a more nutty and musty scent, that will draw in other crowds and offer options for everyone. 5. Lemon Drop- Lemongrass, Rose, and Eucalyptus Essential Oils. Fifth BBSJ EsScent created during an accidental mixture of Essential Oils.


Our pricing changes periodically to match our needs and our customers'. We will inform here of when that happens.  Update: 1/18/23 Body Bundle pricing changed with correct percentage of 25% off. Last update: 1/13/24 Corrected Brand Ambassador Client discount code for product orders to receive the full 20% off every product order AND sent out a FREE GIFT to loyal Brand Ambassador clients.

Pricing updates

New Product Drops

Body Oil- expected date 2/9/23- Actual drop date: 2/10/23. Beard Oil- expected date 2/9/23- Actual drop date: 2/24/23. Bug Repellent (Spray & Roller)- Estimated date 4/2/2023 - DELAYED due to further bug species testing - Actual drop date: Satin Style Robe- May 22, 23 Product Storage Bags- May 22, 23 Yoni Eggs (Rose Quartz)- May 22, 23 Honey Scrub & Mask- expected date 8/1/23- DELAYED- Actual drop date: Halloween 2023 10/31/23. CREAM- expected date TBD- Actual drop date: TBD. Extreme CREAM- expected date TBD- Actual drop date: TBD. Magnesium Spray- expected date TBD- Actual drop date: TBD.

New Arrivals


​1. We went from this to this! Original logo, branding, photos and website 7/1/22. 2. We appreciate and thank our original logo for taking us so far however, we wanted to bring out our vision and creating our products is one thing, marketing, and advertising is another, we want you to love it all! We are so proud for how far we've come! Thank you for your loyalty and support and let us know how you feel about our rebranding! Drop a review or share on social media! Rebranding 1/8/23

Rebranded old and new


1. Original Website- 7/1/22 2. Website- BRAND NEW WEBSITE AND REBRANDING 1/8/23. 3. Pages- Updated Benefits and Definitions and Treatments and Services pages on 6/23/23.

Website Editing
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