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हमारे शानदार सौदों की खोज करें और पता करें कि अन्य ग्राहकों को क्या पसंद है। अपनी सुंदरता की ज़रूरतों के लिए अपना सर्वश्रेष्ठ मिलान खोजने के लिए नीचे स्क्रॉल करें और बिक्री पार्टी शुरू करें!

सीजन सेल इवेंट

याद मत करो


Is OUT NOW! This is a more masculine take on our "Citrus" EsScent with a twist of Patchouli! It has Lime, Tangerine, Sweet Orange, and Patchouli Essential Oils. Imagine the Citrus forest with Patchouli blowing past.


Is FINALLY HERE! We are sooo excited to announce one very calming EsScent that your nose will want to bask in. Our Pine-Illa is made with Pineapple and Vanilla Essential Oils. Take your nose to the next level of comfort and try out this delicious mix!


Lemon Drop

Smells just like Lemon Drop candies! We are soo excited to introduce this EsScent and we hope you enjoy! Made with Lemongrass, Eucalyptus, and Rose Essential Oils.

*Not affiliated with the Ferrara Candy Company or any other Company. This is an original BBSJ EsScent.


Experience the Freedom of Being Ex-Insects. This EsScent is a game CHANGER! When it comes to insects and aromas of all the Essential Oils it is created with, which is a hefty handful, you will finally able to say goodbye to those nasty/annoying insects! You will smell citronella, hints of cinnamon, cloves, lemongrass, and more!

*Can be added to a variety of our products or a diffuser to create the ultimate barrier between you and unwanted creatures, repels a significant number of species.

Don't see an EsScent or Essential Oil you'd like? 

We have a wide variety of Essential Oils, please fill out our Contact form and we will respond within 48 hours. 

सीज़न क्लीयरेंस का अंत

अविश्वसनीय छूट

All bundles are on SALE 20% OFF. Apply one coupon code per order. If you sign up to our site, you receive a 15% OFF COUPON CODE for your FIRST ORDER and can apply this to your BUNDLE! To request a customized bundle, please use our Contact form.

If you purchase a monthly/weekly/customized plan, you will receive EVEN MORE PERKS!

Not only will you receive the above discounts, but you will also receive automatic 10% off each month subscribed.



एक खरीदें एक मुफ्त प्रचार करें

विशेष सौदे


This MAGNIFICENT DEAL goes all year long and automatically applies to orders over $90 with at least 3 products on the order to receive $5 OFF EACH ELIGIBLE ITEM!

Coupons can be applied to these orders & so can your loyalty points, for even MORE SAVINGS!

Monthly Deals!

We will now have a special coupon code EVERY MONTH to apply on eligible orders. Look out for our monthly codes, they will be located in the header of our site. Just look up!

*Please enter codes during checkout.

*Terms and conditions may apply, only one code can be used per order, only one code per customer. 


Create a FREE ACCOUNT & start earning member loyalty points beginning with your first purchase and every one thereafter. start earning member loyalty points with every purchase you make. once you earn enough points, use your points balance & save on eligible orders.


With a FREE ACCOUNT track all of your orders, store payment methods & addresses for a faster & easier checkout, have access to our monthly newsletter (opt out of at any time under account settings), and MORE!

Become a part of our Body community and family & learn to put your self-care first.

*Sign up to our website newsletter to receive your immediate 15% off coupon code, sent to the email used.

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