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  • Who is Body By Snow Jay LLC aka BBSJ, BBSJLLC, Body?
    Body began by creating and producing our Yoni Oil and Yoni Soap, all-natural externally used products for female reproductive health and self-care. Now also offering products for Lingam care, the male counterpart to the Yoni. We have begun even further expanding into full Body self-care, now including Treatments, Services, and Classes (to come), that pair perfectly with our original vision; we strive to provide the best possible products and care to assist with the most sensitive parts of our bodies. Now with our expansion we provide even MORE care for the Mind and Soul alongside the Body with the intention of building and growing the connections between all three. We want to help bring out the strength you have within you. Our founder is Yoni Steam Certified and initially pursued studies in Neuropsychology. After completing coursework at their local community college CNM, they aimed for a Ph.D. Unfortunately, none of the nearby universities offered the comprehensive program they sought. This marked a turning point in their life. Over the years, amid various jobs, family responsibilities, and the search for stability, they serendipitously created this company. Now, as a dedicated Sensual Practitioner, they continuously invest in learning, growth, and acquiring new skills to offer optimal support to their clients.
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  • What is a FAQ section?
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  • What is Salt Scrub & Soak?
    Scrub them rough spots! Hands, feet, butt cheeks, elbows, knees, and wherever else you find is a rough spot for you. The gentle abrasiveness of the natural salts help scrub away dead skin cells, revealing fresh skin underneath. The exfoliation that Salt Scrubs provide prevent ingrown hairs and helps our skin better absorb products like Body Butter. Salt scrubs have an added bonus in the fact that salt helps to pull toxins away from the body and eases in anti-inflammation, helps with acne (all types including blackheads and the most stubborn), minimizes pores, gentle and natural although very rich, helps with moisturization and retention of beneficial ingredients. Keeps natural skin oils healthy and level.
  • What is Sugar Scrub?
    Sugar Body Scrub to rub onto all your sweet spots.... face, lips, ears, arms, hands, vagina/penis, anus, legs, and any other soft spot you would like to exfoliate gently and richly. Sugar Scrubs help to remove excess oil and dead skin cells without any moisture deprivation. Using this Scrub can help to enhance blood circulation, which in turn increases production of Collagen and skin regeneration which will prevent wrinkles, helps to give you an even tan (fake or real), and brightens and evens out your skins texture. This Scrub helps with acne (all types including blackheads), pores, gentle natural although very rich, helps with moisturization and retention of beneficial ingredients, in-grown hair, and keeping healthy skin oil levels and bacteria at bay.
  • What is Lingam Soap?
    Helps maintain a healthy pH balance, fights odors, reduces inflammation, promotes wound healing, antibacterial/antifungal/antiviral, protects skin, natural antiseptic, acts against fungi, bacteria, and viruses, strong cleanser with no fillers or additives, meaning that it will really clean out your pores and do the important work of removing keratin plugs and even makeup, For Vaginal, Anal, Penal, Face or entire Body, It is a natural source of Salicylic Acids which can help reduce blackheads and whiteheads, can help to clear up acne and reduce acne breakouts
  • What is Lingam Oil?
    Lingam Oil created for the male reproductive organs! The male counterpart to the Yoni! Improves circulation, prostate health, hemorrhoids, sensitive dermatitis issues like dry skin and Eczema, itching, antibacterial, antifungal, antimicrobial, relaxing, healing, releases any sexual guilt or shame, moisturizes, strengthens skin, creates more supple hair and skin, can give a lot of hair benefits as well, will not harm as lubrication, aphrodisiac, stimulates natural lubrication processes for easier and more pleasurable insertion and with the other benefits makes sexual play even more fun and fulfilling.
  • What is Yoni Soap?
    Yoni Soap was formulated for in shower use to clean and cleanse your nether regions. However, this can also be used on any part of the body that can grow bacteria due to its antifungal and antimicrobial properties. Wash while you moisturize. Check out our Yoni Soap product page for more details and info!
  • What is Yoni Oil?
    Yoni Oil was originally created to keep and maintain a healthy pH balance. It is used externally only and has many benefits, starting with destroying bacteria, moisturizing, healing cuts, bruises, bug bites, and even helps stimulate your natural lubrication if applied prior to intercourse! This is also an all-purpose use product for acne, acne scarring, ingrown hair, razor burn, bug bites, contact dermatitis, and bruising on any are of the Body. Check out our Yoni Oil product page for more!
    If you have any questions or need more information about our personalized personal care journey with BBSJ, we're here to assist you. Our goal is to provide you with the best products, treatments, services, and classes to meet your self-care needs and help you feel naturally healthy.
  • What is a Ear Candling Basic-ECB?
    Embark on the rejuvenating practice of ear candling, a blossoming alternative therapy with ancient roots in Egypt, Tibet, China, or the Americas. At BBSJ, where tradition converges with innovation, our approach to this timeless method delicately removes earwax, enhances hearing, and offers relief for sinus issues. Our tools, including two purposefully hollow wax candles, a meticulously chosen bowl, soft towels, and precision earwax removal instruments, contribute to a sensory-rich ambiance. Immerse yourself in soothing music, dim lights, candles, a fragrance diffuser, and the option of herbal tea or chilled purified water, creating a tranquil haven.
  • What is a Yoni Steam Deluxe-YSD?
    Explore the ancient practice of vaginal steaming, known as yoni steaming, deeply rooted in diverse indigenous cultures worldwide. This therapeutic method utilizes herbal steam to purify and rejuvenate the uterus. Elevate your experience with our Deluxe Treatment, which includes comprehensive pre, intra, and post-treatment plans. This indulgent package incorporates a sensual touch, addressing the face, head, neck, hands, and shoulders. Experience targeted tension release for sinus and nasal cavities, addressing sinus inflammation and tension at the back of the head, providing relief for neuropathy, nerve pain, ligament pain, joint pain, and inflammation. The treatment also features a clockwise temporal release for alleviating pressure, headaches, and migraines. Stay well-hydrated with Yoni Steam Herbal Blend Tea or chilled purified water throughout the session. Immerse yourself in a serene atmosphere with candlelight and a subdued ambiance, complemented by empowering goddess notes from the soundbar. As a special offer, enjoy a 50% discount when you purchase any 2oz or more of Yoni Oil.
  • What is an Ear Candling Deluxe-ECD?
    The practice of ear candling has recently become popular as an alternative therapy. Promoters claim that ear candling is an ancient treatment that originated in Egypt, Tibet, China, or the Americas. It is uncertain the exact location of invention. The warm "suction" is believed to remove earwax, improve hearing, and treat conditions like sinus infections and colds. For most, this is a relaxing experience. You can hear popping, mostly a gentle hiss will be heard. This technique draws impurities from the body but can also help with tension and clogged areas in the nasal cavity. Items used are 4 hollow wax candles, a bowl, towels/paper towels, and earwax removal tools. We also provide relaxing music on soundbar, dim lights and candles for ambience, diffuser with favorite EsScent or choice of one essential oil, and herbal tea and/or water to loosen the nerves and keep well hydrated. Fire protection is used for all tools, items, and over the client.
  • What is a Yoni Steam Basic-YSB?
    Vaginal steaming, or yoni steaming, has a historical presence in various indigenous cultures globally, offering a practice where herbal steam is used to cleanse and rejuvenate the uterus. Our Basic Treatment comprises pre, intra, and post-treatment plans, creating a soothing atmosphere with Yoni serenades, ambient lighting, herbal tea and/or chilled water for hydration, and customizable aromas from essential oils or choose a favorite EsScent. Yoni steaming is touted as a means to cleanse the vagina and uterus, potentially prompting the release of residual materials from prior menstrual cycles.
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