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Updated: Jan 16, 2023

We want you to ask us questions so we can answer them for you and the community.

If you need advice on which products would be best for you, we want to help you with that too! And furthermore, we want to know how our products are working for you and to let us know what more we can do to better suite our clientele.

Get involved!

We want to do our best in helping your skin thrive.

As the Owner, I created these products for myself and that means I use them regularly, ALL OF THEM! 🤣 It's hard to say which one is my favorite however, the Yoni Oil and Yoni Soap are the first products I created and just like the others, phenomenal. I use them daily and nothing else, they both help with every issue I have seen my skin to have thus far and issues I didn't even realize I HAD! I have always had Eczema type issues, dry skin and living in the desert doesn't help! I also want to be cleaner and wanted a product that destroys bacteria and one that is natural, I never knew it existed until now.

The uses are ENDLESS! And listed on the product pages and when I see more benefits I add them both on that page and on the Benefits page.

The Salts are AMAZING for shaving, razor burn, itching, dirt, exfoliation, and more. When I use those paired with the Whipped Body Butter and the Yoni Products, I have essentially no razor burn and rash a major decrease in ingrown hairs forming and if they do, all I have to do is use my products and they naturally dissipate. When I use these products they are a major pain reliever as well, especially for skin issues like acne, Psoriasis, bug bites, and skin infections and bruising with it's ani-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. It is amazing what our products can do and the extremity of help your skin will receive. Skin health issues can take down your quality of life for many reasons, let's get that taken care of for you so you can start enjoying life the way you deserve!

To finish off my routine, I then use the Body Roller and Spray to smell yummy all day and just re-apply as-needed, I have also used both for skin irritation relief on-the-go!

Sooooo.... Now that I've shared my thoughts I would LOVE to read yours!! Let's get this post started!!!! 👏

What is your FAVORITE product/s to use?

  • Yoni Oil

  • Yoni Soap

  • Salt Scrub

  • Sugar Scrub

You can vote for more than one answer.

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